Welcome to College Party Themes HQ! You’ve come to the right place to learn about the top College Party Themes and what is needed to create an unforgettable college party.  Below is a list of guidelines that all college parties should follow and links to get details on specific college party themes.

College Party Guidelines

Whether it is your first time throwing a college party or you are a seasoned party thrower looking for tips, here is a list of basic college party guidelines that everyone should follow.

  • Hide Valuables – The very first thing that should be done when throwing a large college party is to move all the valuables to a locked room that guests cannot enter.  Never leave anything out that you are afraid to ruin or damage.
  • Large Guest List – Invite as many people as you are willing to let in your house.  The more people the better.  Very rarely do people complain that there was too many people at a party.  It is usually the other way around.  Creating an event on Facebook is a great way to increase the guest list.
  • Girls – This is technically a continuation of the large guest list rule but almost more important.  One of the biggest influences on a good college party is girls!  Girls like seeing other girls around and guys LOVE seeing more girls.  They are essential to a good party.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol is the second biggest influence on a good party.  Alcohol not only helps people let loose, but it also is a large social point.  You need plenty of alcohol to keep the drinking games going and to keep people entertained.  Most college parties end when the alcohol runs dry.
  • Drinking Game Accessories – A good college party needs drinking games.  These include games such as beer pong, flip cup and king’s cup.  It is very important to have some kind of beer pong table.  That is a focal point at college parties.  It does not matter how it looks; just make it functional.  Be sure to have at least 3 decks of cards;  partially so that more than one game can be played at a time, and partially so that you have replacement cards when someone spills their drink on them.  Also, make sure to have more than enough red cups and plenty of dice.  A beer bong is also a fun thing to have at all times.
  • Music – Everyone has their own idea of what good party music is, but rap seems to work best at my parties.  Also, it never hurts to throw in some good rock and some fun oldies like Journey.
  • A Good Party Theme – Last, but certainly not least, is a great party theme!  Why else would you be here if you weren’t looking for some ideas for great college party themes?  That is what this site was created for after all.  A theme is not necessarily needed; there are plenty of parties without them, but they are a great way to take any party to the next level.  Below are links to the top 5  College Party Themes.
  1. Toga Party
  2. Black Light Party
  3. CEOs and Office Hoes Party
  4. ABC Party
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