If you are looking for a party where girls love to show a little extra skin, one of the best sexy college party themes is the CEOs and Office Hoes Party also known as COEs and Corporate Hoes party.  Most people love to go to these parties.  The men get to dress up in their nicest business attire and girls dress ass sexy secretaries.  Of course, only wear something you are willing to get dirty.  This is a college party after all, never know who will get drunk and spill something. How to plan for a CEOs and Office Hoes Party?


  • Cheap easy things to use are just general office supplies that you can get at the dollar store and just throw them all around the house.
  • Get inflatable versions of office supplies such as an inflatable pencil or stapler
  • Motivation posters are a fun and funny way to add decorations on the walls
  • If possible, get a water cooler and fill it with some kind of jungle juice or other type of alcoholic punch that people gather around and get drinks from. Don’t put the fruit in though, it will clog the cheap water cooler faucet

Drinks/Snacks (Standard for All College Parties):

  • Beer! This may sound obvious, but it gets forgotten too often.  If you plan on supplying the beer, then make sure to buy a keg with a party tap.  Beer goes fast, so make sure you plan accordingly.
  • Make sure to have plenty of snacks.  Pretzels are always a good touch, as are chips and dip.  People love trail mix as well.
  • I recommend making the hard alcohol a B.Y.O.B. occasion.  Hard alcohol is expensive and adds up quick.  You are already hosting the party, so make the guests help out by bringing something to drink.

Drinks (Party Specific): Try to stick with the sophisticated party theme

  • Scotch: Glenlivet, Chivas and Macallan are great choices.  They can be pricey, so it is ok to go with cheaper scotch if needed
  • If you have someone who enjoys being a bartender, then start making some specialty drinks to keep things fun
    • Martini
    • Cosmopolitans
    • Manhattans

What to Wear

Men: The men usually wear their nicest business attire that they have.  If possible this is a suit.  Obviously a suit is the most formal attire and great way to walk into a party.  Not only will you feel great in your suit, but girls love men in suits.  A lot of the guys will come in lesser clothing, but they are at a disadvantage with the girls.

Hoes: The ladies wear the sexiest office attire they can imagine.  The colors should be mostly black and white but can have some red also.  The main attire is a tight fitting corset, a tiny skirt or only barely covering panties, stockings and high heels.  Girls can also wear men’s button up shirts with a tie.


I hope this information helps you. If there is something else that you would have liked to read about, please leave me a comment.  Also, I would love for my readers to send me some pictures of their Black Light Party or other college themed parties to post throughout the website.  It is great for helping others learn and always fun to see!  Email me here, if you have pictures to share.

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