One of the all-time great college party themes is the toga party.  I have not once met someone who didn’t have fun (unless the host was terrible).  Not only does it remind people of the great college party movie animal house, it has been stained into our memory ever since.  They sat the bar pretty high.  And I have to admit, there is just something fun about wearing a toga. I am not totally sure if this is true, but I have heard that Australians throw the most toga parties.  Here are suggestions to having the best toga party possible….



  • Cover the party rooms with as much white and gold as you can find.  Gold spray paint on sheets or anything else is also a very good touch.
  • Anything Greek: lots of grapevines, goblets for drinking, oil burning lamps if you are feeling crazy
  • Buy or make lots of extra Laurel wreaths (the vine hat you see Greeks wearing), people love those.  And all the extras can be spread around as decoration
  • Candles are a great touch, but depends on how crazy your party is going to get that may not be safe
  • Balloons are always a good touch, and are very low cost.  Just hang out as many gold and white balloons as you can reasonably fit


Drinks/Snacks (standard):

  • Beer! This may sound obvious, but it gets forgotten too often.  If you plan on supplying the beer then make sure to buy a keg with a party tap.  Beer goes by fast so make sure you plan accordingly
  • Make sure to have plenty of snacks.  Pretzels are always a good touch as well as chips and dip.  People love trail mix as well.
  • I recommend making the hard alcohol a B.Y.O.B. occasion.  Hard alcohol is expensive and adds up quick.  You are already hosting the party, make the guests help out by bringing something to drink


What to Wear

Generally all toga party costumes are made from some random fabric or a sheet.  You can also buy them online but no need to waste the money, there are plenty of sites that give directions on how to make your own outfit.  If you have the time, I recommend going to a cloth store to get the fabric.  Not only is cloth cheaper than bed sheets normally, but you can always get some interesting patterns if you are trying to stand out a little.  Get 4 yards of it, seems to do the trick the best.  Can get more if you want to be safe, but then it just gets in the way.


Dressing Directions:

  • Attach one end of it to your waste with a clothes pin or something else secure
  • Wrap it completely around your waste (bottom should be about knee height)
  • Pin it to your waste again using whatever works best for you
  • Throw the remaining material over your shoulder
  • Wrap the remaining fabric around waist and pin it at the end


If you don’t want to run the risk of showing something you didn’t want others seeing, I recommend wearing gym shorts underneath.  They are plenty of cover and will still offer plenty of mobility.  Wear sandals if possible and it’s always fun to carry a sword and/or shield.  If you do not want to show too much upper body skin, you can always wear a t-shirt, either white or gold.


I hope this helps you, if there is something else that you would have liked to read about please leave me a comment.  Also, would love for whoever reads this to send me in some pictures of their toga party to post here.  It is great for helping others learn and always fun to see!  Email me here, if you have pictures to share.

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